CreativeMornings San Diego Fam,

The global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has landed us in uncharted territory and continues to pose challenges to our upcoming events here as well as the 215 cities and chapters around the world. We want to use this opportunity to fill you in on how our team is planning to navigate this new reality together.

Based on our ongoing conversations with CM HQ regarding the situation, we are selectively choosing not to host a traditional event this month. Instead, we’re getting creative with the problem at hand and will be providing a digital meetup and live-streaming our March 27th event. This month’s event will feature our selected “Audience Takes The Stage” speakers from our postponed December event. We will be sending out an additional event email with theme & speaker information as well as updates on how you can join us and the conversation online.

A few things we want to remind our community:

1. Health & safety has always been and continues to be our number one priority. Our events bring together hundreds of creatives each month - most of which are local to San Diego but also CM attendees from visiting chapters.

2. Creativity is flexible. Fortunately, our city has not seen a large spread of the virus. However, we are being proactively cautious during this time. While we will miss our in-person community and inspired dance sessions, we know that community and creativity can happen anywhere. Digital experiences connect people everywhere every day, and we are taking advantage of this.

3. Knowledge is power. Our team will be sending event info updates, as usual, this month. Our newsletter and Instagram account are how we can engage with you and the thousands of CMSD members. It’s with these channels we will also communicate the ongoing effects and potential impact to our future events.

We’re not letting this keep us down.
Our team is excited about this opportunity to explore live-streaming in addition to our normal event format for future events. Thanks for your flexibility!Finally, make sure to drink good coffee, find creativity everywhere, wash your hands, moisturize, and always give a damn.