We do our best to give you great talks, inspiring spaces, and tasty coffee and breakfast every month, but the best part of CreativeMornings is the people. So we’re showcasing a few of the faces of our fabulous volunteers!

Meet Julie


What do you love about Oslo? I love how walkable the city is and the green spaces scattered around. Long summer nights with my 5th ice cream in hand are the absolute best.

What do you enjoy most about CreativeMornings? Everyone is welcome! It’s neat to see folks from everywhere gather and chat over oodles of coffee and inspiring talks. The people make it for me and the wide array of topics and speaker backgrounds always keep it fresh.

What are a few of your favorite themes/talks/speakers we’ve had here in Oslo? I really loved our most recent talk about purpose – and keeping in touch with why you’ve started something and being held accountable.  

What’s the best or worst advice you’ve ever been given? Best: Just ask! the worst answer you can get is no | Worst: Pee on your jellyfish sting, that’ll help

How do you take your coffee? These days, black with a dash of frothy chocolate milk.

What are 3 things you do in your daily routine to feel productive, active, and grounded? Long walks filled with snacks and dog petting. Face-timeing friends & family. Browsing skillshare videos.

Share your creativity! What are you working on these days? Baking baking baking - rosemary chocolate chip cookies are on the menu today. I’ve also made some natural ink dyes - so testing those out! 


Movies: Does a youtube channel count? Because ‘drunk history’ is my educational entertainment. I binged Unorthodox on Netflix recently and Banff Mountain Film Festival released many films for free online through their website to check out (films from 4 minute clips to an hour and a half.)

For the book worms: King of Fish by David R. Montgomery, Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri….too many to choose from!

Podcasts: Out Alive : Backpacker , Future Perfect: VOX 

Music jams: Check out Julie´s spotify playlist