These are the instructions for #CMCLE on Friday, June 19th 2020.

If you’re registered you’ll receive a link shortly before 8:30am. To keep our event safe, please do not share the event zoom link. If you want a friend to join have them register just like you did!

New to Zoom? Signup for a free account ahead of time.

The community at CreativeMornings wants to know what you’re workings on! If you have a question that you can’t google, or need help with some personal or professional problem that could be easier with some creative support… ask! Each month we feature a few 30-second espresso shot pitches before the featured presenter. Email or (preferably) submit your pitch in this form.

We’ll be broadcasting this event from the only public field we know of that has wifi, Coventry Peace Park in Cleveland Hts.

See you in the morning!