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6 Women on the Forefronts of Activism

The stories of activism around the world have inspired conversations, and in turn, activated unified actions that pushed the winds of social change forward.

As Studs Terkel reflected in This I Believe:

Being an activist is self-explanatory: you act; you take part in something outside yourself. You join with others, who may astonish you in thinking precisely as you do on the subjects, say, of war, civil liberties, human rights.

Stories enable us to learn from others, and it paves a passage to cross the chasm of loneliness and fear.

Here are six remarkable women that talk about activism—whether it’s involving sex, self-love, or challenging the rusted beliefs that have continuously undermined the potential within diverse groups for far too long.

Please enjoy!

1. If You Believe Black Girls Rock, You Can Say It by Michaela Angela Davis, CreativeMornings/NewYork

In this talk, image activist and cultural critic, Michaela Angela Davis, explores the theme of Broken by sharing her story of growing up with light skin and blonde hair. Sharing moments in history and in her personal life, she invites us into the experiences that inspire her work today.

2. The Table: More Than a Fantasy by Ramona Lindsey, CreativeMornings/Louisville

In this talk, Ramona Lindsey, Director of Education at Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, shares how “Alice In Wonderland” teaches us about the importance of making room for everyone.

3. My Own Understanding of Love by Milisuthando Bongela, CreativeMornings/Johannesburg

Award-winning writer, blogger, and the Arts Editor of the Mail and Guardian, Milisuthando shares her journey of self-love and also a profound realization of the language she was using that was inadvertently separating her from the people she sought to change.

4. Stop Shooting, We Love You by Vanessa German, CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh

Vanessa shares her powerful story on how she is fighting to stop shootings in her neighborhood through love and art.

5. Changing the Narratives by Favianna Rodriguez, CreativeMornings/Oakland

Favianna takes us on a tour of political history through art and culture, and how to take action in our communities. We are given insight into cultural shifts and the effects of changing the narratives as a starting point to changing policies.

6. Make Love Not Porn by Cindy Gallop, CreativeMornings/NewYork

Cindy Gallop speaks about MakeLoveNotPorn, a user-generated video sharing platform that aims to make real world sex and the discussion around it socially acceptable.

Through dating younger men, Cindy Gallop discovered the convergence of today’s total access to hardcore porn online meeting society’s equal total reluctance to talk about sex. The result, she realized, was porn becoming the default sex education.

This playlist was made possible by the volunteer efforts of our Talk Watch Squad. They’re a robust, remote team that volunteers to watch talks, provide feedback, and suggestions that make playlists like this possible. Sound like you? We’d love to have you!

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