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8 Talks on Cultivating Self-Love

“I learned that opening myself to my own love and to life’s tough loveliness not only was the most delicious, amazing thing on earth but also was quantum,“ said author Anne Lamott. "It would radiate out to a cold, hungry world.”

The creative life requires self-love—accepting our mistakes, being kind to ourselves when we miss the mark, and learning to love even the smallest flaws that make up who we are.

Kamal Ravikant beautifully said in his book, Love Yourself As If Your Life Depended On It, "If I loved myself, truly and deeply, what would I do?“

Learning to truly love yourself is hard work. It’s another path that requires consistent practice and attention, one that intertwines with your becoming. It’s not about making time for self-love; it’s about cultivating it in those tiny pockets of moments throughout our day, realizing that it’s part of a journey, a process, and not an end result.

Here are eight talks from the CreativeMornings universe on practicing self-love.

1. Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of Love by Vivienne McMaster

Vivienne McMaster talks about how she learned to love herself through taking self portraits with her phone, otherwise known as selfies. The camera and self-portraiture helped her heal her own negative body image and brought forth a creative career of helping people to cultivate positive self-esteem and body positivism through the creative process of self portraiture.

2. 8 Lessons in Love by Holley Murchison

Holley Murchison is an entrepreneur and strategist from New York City using her passions for the arts, education and culture to push the envelope. Valuing people over product and collaboration over competition, her work is driven by love and the power of human connection.

Holley encourages us to choose love like our lives depend on it. She recommends practices like honoring your past, cultivating empathy, finding your jam(s) and more.

3. Love and Affection by Ben Sollee

Ben Sollee speaks about the power of love and how the arts help cultivate our affections.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Love Yourself by Scott Jones

Anti-homophobia activist Scott Jones spent a month reflecting on the topic of love before giving this talk. He shares some key learnings on how he went from fear to love, and why self-love allows us to learn to love others.

5. Self-Compassion in the Creative Process by Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown shares a powerful technique for making peace with your internal narrator so you can avoid being paralyzed by it.

This talk introduces a powerful and proven technique to meet and befriend different parts of ourselves that arise when we attempt to create so that we can finally make an authentic contribution despite our negative self-talk.

6. My Own Understanding of Love By Milisuthando Bongela

Millsuthando shares her journey in growing through self-love to a place where she can love others.

7. Love Your Community and Be Yourself by Cat McCarthy

Burlesque dancer, artist, and activist, Cat McCarthy, shares how to love and be a part of your community, cultivate art and others, all while maintaining the importance and pride of being yourself.

8. A Story About a Bicycle Journey of Self-Love by Erick Cedeño’s

Erick takes us on a wondrous journey of self-love, through stories of his long cross continent travels, just him and his bicycle.

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