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Free Events

Pictured above is CreativeMornings/Raleigh photographed by Miller Taylor, ticket icon designed by Mateo Zlatar on Noun Project.

As part of our theme month around Freedom, we posed a question to you, our community, asking if you knew of any great, free local events. It was part of an initiative we’re working on to build out a comprehensive list of resources for creative communities, and we decided to start with free events.

For those of you who submitted, thanks! Feel free to keep them coming and we’ll add additional ones on a rolling basis. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorites:

Global Events

Girl Geek Dinners
From Auckland to Zurich, Girl Geek Dinners bring together women with the aim to inspire a new generation of technologists and support those in the industry at present. —Trish Ang

Documentary Film Club
Influence Film Forum is a free site that facilitates small film clubs with all the tools are resources needed for finding some of the best docs and discussion guides to get the conversation started! Documentaries are amazing because they deal with real people and real stories that deserve to be seen and talked about. No matter how much our societies change, stories remain fundamental to the human experience. They’re what our lives are made of. They’re what we leave behind. They connect us to everyone, and even to ourselves. —Cristina Ljungberg

Creative Live
Like having classrooms around the world, CreativeLive features workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, and software training, all streamed online for free the day of and interact with instructors in real time. —Tari Donohue

The [freespace] Movement Freespace hosts many free community events, workshops, and performances on topics such as meditation, yoga, art, nutrition, and neighborhood development. The events are awesome because the space is flourishing with new art, it’s a great chance to meet people, and anyone can offer to host! The original Freespace is in San Francisco, California—and new chapters are opening up in Bristol, Bogota and Paris. —Becky Michelson

Parkrun is a global event that takes place in cities around the world. It is a social, weekly 5km run hosted in parks. Although waking up on a Saturday to do a mini marathon is not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee), these events have been a great way for us to get active and be a part of ‘taking back’ the often crime riddled parks across South Africa. What is also great is that if you are a member in your own country you can run at any other Parkrun around the world if you are lucky enough to travel. —Michelle Dalton

Local Events

While these events aren’t happening around the world, so aren’t relevant to every city, we thought that they were worth a mention simply for how fantastic they sounded. Who knows—maybe they’ll inspire you to bring the Great Bicycle Parade to your city!

Design + Banter, London
Three, short thought-provoking presentations, free beer, and awesome people. —Inti Ocean

The Great Atlanta Bicycle Parade, Atlanta, GA, USA
Part of Atlanta Streets Alive, the parade is part of a series of events celebrating human powered amusement! All the streets are shut down for non-vehicular activity. —Alicia Johnson

Refresh Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, USA
Refresh Baltimore is a movement inspiring design, development, and progress. There’s always free admission and refreshments, lots of networking, and the ultimate goal that everyone walks away having learned or gained something. —Sarah Jones

Creative Cocktail, Toronto
Our goal is to provide a platform for industry leaders to impart knowledge and insights that are directly applicable to your day-to-day. Interactive activities are highly encouraged, while self-promotion and/or fluff are severely frowned upon. We want you to know that if you come to a Creative Cocktail event you will leave having learned something new, every time (while also, hopefully, having a bit of fun!) —Christina Hug

Vancouver Draw Down, Vancouver
Get drawn in! Vancouver Draw Down is a city-wide day of drawing that celebrates creativity and challenges commonplace ideas about what drawing is and what it can do. Reconnect with the power and pleasure of making your mark at over 40 FREE drawing workshops on Saturday, June 14. Let’s draw together and connect.

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