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Fun Stuff to Click On #10

Happy Friyay!

Enjoy fun link to click on.

Designing for a cause? A one-stop shop for the best volunteering sites.

The Harvard Library protects the world’s rarest colors.

35 words you’re probably getting wrong.

Emotional intelligence lessons from Bob Dylan.

Advice to seek to become more self-aware.

Download 2,500 free Japanese woodblock prints and drawings by masters.

Find out what’s inside you, let your soul grow.

A method for learning from your creative heroes.

Using music and rhythm to teach grammar and language.

An illustrated guide to Frank Lloyd Wright.

How to create a duotone effect in Photoshop.

Don’t let projects kill you.

Frozen popsicles from 100 polluted water sources.

The right effort of generosity.

How to use Google Analytics: a guide for absolute beginners.

Resilience is a skill. How are we teaching it in classrooms?

Photo credit: Jim Darling from CreativeMornings/Denver.

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