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Fun Stuff to Click On #11

Happy Friday!

It’s officially summer, the world is melting, and you should be held accountable to drink some water in between your cocktail/wine. Please don’t dehydrate on us.

Here are some fun things to click on.

14 curious telegrams from (and to) famous writers.

The way you draw a circle says a lot about you.

Ever wonder what it’s like to get a PhD? This illustration puts it into perspective.

This stunning piece of art shows the human brain coming to life.

An Adobe experience design manager talks about Pride at work.

This artist carves exquisite patterns into everyday foods.

Ben Chestnut shares entrepreneurial wisdom: “think about how your art moves the business forward.”

A sociology of the smartphone.

HalfTheStory encourages you to share parts of your life outside of social media standards.

10 basic principles of visual design.

A round up of the best and brightest ideas shared at the 2017 99U Conference.

Why you should define your fears instead of your goals.

What is the difference between good writing and great writing?

The iPhone turns 10—an infographic on how it has changed visual communication.

261 morning people in our community are good at campaign development.

Image credit: Krista Welch.

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