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Fun Stuff to Click On #12

Happy Friday!

May your weekend feel twice as long so you can get double the rest and double the food. Here are fun things to click on!

Disney’s first African American artist was forced into retirement in 2001. At 81-years-strong, he’s still creating.

How do you protect a product from being “designed by the committee”?

The unsung heroes of our image-saturated world: photo editors.

Inside the illegal subculture of female Korean tattoo artists.

Google created a digital archive of world fashion.

The trouble with “finding yourself.”

What’s in a font? How does it define your design?

The ultimate superheroes of research: librarians.

Choosing the most effective automation for your business.

11 types of photography that illuminates our world.

Instagram exercises transparency with their new feature.

Is binge watching bad for you?

The secret science of coolness.

A typeface that’s universal, timeless, and supports 93 languages.

Author Anne Lamott shares 12 truths learned from writing and life.

148 morning people in our community are good at playlist making.

Image credit: Lukáš Bíba via CreativeMornings/Prague.

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