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Fun Stuff to Click On #13

10 famous book hoarders.

Debbie Millman reflects on her design career in this gorgeous visual essay.

Weave self-care into your workday.

Typography terms that designers (and other backgrounds) should learn.

The psychology of ‘whatever’.

How to get excited about topics that bore you.

6 must reads on pricing a product.

How to photograph kids.

The 15 winners from the 2017 iPhone Photography Awards.

Creating positive change for your community also creates discomfort.

The clean-as-you-go principle.

The 10 commandments of startup success.

Burnout isn’t just about exhaustion at work; it’s also about loneliness.

How to define success.

A master of design explores the murky, mutable science of color.

87 morning people in our community are good at holistic nutrition.

Image credit: Claudia Arana via CreativeMornings/Bogotá.

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