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Fun Stuff to Click On #15

It’s already the end of July, which feels weird to say out loud. Together in 173 cities, we celebrated the theme of Equality. Take a tour in our universe by looking at all the beautiful photos and faces on Twitter or Instagram.

And, of course, here are some fun stuff to click on. Enjoy!

Listen to the 150 greatest albums by women, curated by NPR.

Dumb questions for smart designers.

How smart managers make diversity work.

How to defuse offensive speech.

Your work-life balance hangs on these four quadrants.

Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars hotel where each guest gets their own storyline.

200+ posters from the Golden Age are available online for free.

The psychology of seeing red.

Three female art directors on collaboration, competition, and confidence.

How to create one of those dreamy-Instagram-like photos with the nice tones and all.

Dumber is an intentional act, a selfish trade for mass.”

No empathy for customers? No more customers for you.

Six must-reads for scaling yourself as a leader.

All the design resources you’ll need.

545 morning people in our community are good at commercial photography.

Image credit: Tim Harris via CreativeMornings/Louisville.

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