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Fun Stuff to Click On #16

A scientist turns hobby into a career as an award-winning NatGeo photographer.

Startups are cheaper to build but more expensive to grow—here’s why.

Cindy Gallop on why female role models are critical for men and women.

Don’t fall into the trap of being an expert before you’re ready.

Reading aloud to each other is an important, lost art.

The rise of the thought leader.

How to feel progress.

Take a tour of the International Space Station.

Reclaiming billboards to promote public art.

Seven amazing Instagram projects that will inspire you to create.

A list of black women in VC.

Indispensable wisdom on the long-game of content marketing.

The four types of project managers.

Don’t sleep on the side project.

60 travel bloggers and photographers that will fuel your wanderlust (and have FOMO).

In need of creative talent? 349 morning people in our community are great at app design.

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