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Fun Stuff to Click On #17

Forget going viral. Here’s how to create work that lasts forever.

30 business cards that you wouldn’t throw away.

Jim Carrey on playing, painting, and needing color.

How do you set metrics?

19 women leading math and physics.

Want to get hired by your favorite rapper? Build a website.

The Akrasia Effect: why we don’t follow through on things we want to do.

Nobody hits the ground running.

The difference between amateurs and professionals.

The Acumen Regional Fellowships are now open in India, East Africa, and Pakistan.

Frank Lloyd Wright on arrogance.

Effie Brown asks, “What does it mean to be a leader?

The simplest antidote to a tough day is generosity.

Good leaders are good learners.

Jean Jullien illustrates John Lennon’s Imagine lyrics for a book “to inspire a world at peace.

231 morning people in our community are good at icon design.

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