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Fun Stuff to Click On #2

It’s Friday and spring is upon us. Trees are waking up from their deep slumber and, wait, it looks like you need a break. Here are fun things to click on. Enjoy!

Agnes Martin on our greatest obstacles to happiness and how to transcend it.

CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco speaker, Mike Monteiro, on why ethics can’t be a side hustle in design.

CreativeMornings/Melbourne speaker, Kai Brach, launched his magazine on a thoughtful, human-centered take on technology and the web.

How to write emails that don’t make people silently resent you.

Icons for change.

A collection of the world’s coolest passports.

The evolution of MailChimp’s coffee hour.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain.

Former neuroscientist-turned-designer created a unique celebration of women’s history month.

OpenIDEO wants to hear your ideas for improving the lives of older adults.

Mindset is everything—are you focusing on scarcity or possibility?

George Michael on freedom.

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173 morning people in our community are good at sustainability.

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