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Fun Stuff to Click On #21

Hurry Slowly is a new podcast about how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.

How to stay focused when you’re working from home.

The simple note-taking method that will help you read more.

How Seth Godin would launch a new business with $1000 and 90 days to spare.

Why we contradict ourselves and confound each other.

The myth of all work and no play.

A guide to the design systems from the world’s leading brands.

Tom Petty takes you inside his songwriting craft.

How to photograph the moon.

A Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes.

Google’s new headphones also acts as a personal translator.

An inside look with the host of CreativeMornings/Seattle on what it’s like to run a chapter.

The Wolpe Collection celebrates a quiet legend of design.

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