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Fun Stuff to Click On #22

Watch our founder’s talk at Adobe Max on building fun, creative work environments.

Why you can focus in a coffee shop but not in your open office.

Shoot a film. Make a poster. Tell your story of NASA’s plan for Mars.

Starting a photography business as an introvert.

The art of building products for emerging markets.

The true cost of a plate of food.

You don’t find your purpose—you build it.

MailChimp put together their top holiday tips for small businesses.

How online dating is changing the nature of society.

10 things I wish every design student knew.

All of the Adobe Max keynotes and sessions are available online.

10 Dutch Design Week exhibitions that show designers making a difference.

A new chatbot that may help with depression.

What are some things preventing you from writing?

New studies show students learn more from print textbooks than screens.

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