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Fun Stuff to Click On #25

What we can learn from multiple translations of a poem.

40 ways to live a full life.

Seeing Earth from outer space.

26 time-management tricks I wish I’d known when I was 20.

Freelancers make the best products.

Five differences between good & great designers.

Behind the art direction and brand identity of Blade Runner 2049.

A notebook is where you go to figure things out; a keyboard allows you to tell people.

How to practice radical honesty.

An essential guide for working with the rule of thirds.

Five brave LGBTQ teachers tell how they came out to their students.

The Wing’s Lady Library: books curated by women, for women, featuring books by women.

Hamilton’s director, Thomas Kail, on the joys of collaboration.

Many strategies fail because they’re not actually strategies.

Only the privileged worry about selling out.

Photo credit: Miller Taylor via CreativeMornings/Raleigh.

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