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Fun Stuff to Click On #26

We need to save the internet.

Make a Mark is a 12-hour design and development marathon benefitting local humanitarian causes.

An Army veteran on how three deployments to Iraq changed his views about darkness being central to making art.

How to manage creative requests effectively.

What does school look like without any lecture halls?

Why you should practice everyday for two years before you expect to succeed.

The difference between heroes and villains.

Slack sent four black female engineers to accept an award and make a statement on diversity.

To find ideas, find problems. To find problems, talk to people.

MailChimp spoke to Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad and learned six key lessons on making.

What to do when a personal crisis is hurting your professional life.

How to kindly bow out of work events and still be a team player.

The periodic table of endangered elements.

A step-by-step process in digital portrait illustration.

Sports will teach you the strength of your allies, whether by blood or by ball.

Here are three tools that help digital journalists save their work in case a site shuts down.

Photo credit: Pavel Šidla.

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I like these fun websites! thank you for giving a possibility to relax, that's the main reason why I love your blog so much! It gives more reasons to visit this source!

Nataly Fletcher • December 4, 2017