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Fun Stuff to Click On #3

The weather is warming up, we’re wrapping up season 3 of our podcast, and it’s Friday.

Enjoy some fun things to click on!

Nothing will change unless you start building.

Life is a video game—here are the cheat codes.

50 reasons why every city needs more walkable streets.

A non-technical guide to launching side projects.

ICYMI, we have another Instagram account highlighting our events around the world!

The true self is just awareness.

These 28 surreal images by Shutterstock captures this month’s theme, Beyond.

Is there such a thing as being offline anymore?

How this designer is solving NYC’s most intractable design problems.

Shop the artwork of our three winners for the Wix Share Your Talent With the World contest!

233 morning people in our community are great at campaign management.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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