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Fun Stuff to Click On #30

The quiet dangers of complacency.

What self-awareness is and how to cultivate it.

How Mailchimp's onboarding evolved.

Colorful portraits of adoptable dogs for PAWS, Chicago’s largest no-kill animal shelter.

10 new principles of good design.

Revisiting old writing wisdom: should you write everyday?

A sheet of paper that helps you align what you already do with what you want for your business and in your life.

A muggle’s guide to product design.

Lessons from 7 self-taught coders that now work as full time developers.

Stop trying to be famous and build a body of work instead.

What happens when art and spaces are used for Instagram likes?

FirstRound’s collection of wisdom from 30 entrepreneurs and founders.

Self-taught photographer Harimao Lee explores Hong Kong and other Asian cities from unexpected angles

Photo credit: Dasha Savelieva and Sonya Pugacheva via CreativeMornings/SaintPetersburg

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