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Fun Stuff to Click On #32

Dear Google, please don’t kill the blogs.

In praise of the good old-fashioned hobby.

Be deliberate with your practice, rest, and prioritization.

Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ marathon is available for free.

Inside one of America’s last pencil factories.

Let’s talk about the ‘everyone is a copywriter’ problem.

What I learned from the failure of my family’s business.

From rural Nigeria to an MIT-backed startup: how this engineer didn’t squander the opportunities of today.

VSCO Voices is a program that supports creators who use art to empower marginalized communities.

Japanese memo pads reveal intricate buildings as you use them.

How to make an inexpensive, DIY sandblaster for $6.

The hero of your story needs a Hero Speech.

This interview with Debbie Millman + Tim Ferris is a must-listen.

The one thing holding back your creativity? Your ego.

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