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Fun Stuff to Click On #37

How to prioritize your life and make time for what matters.

Love watching our talks? Consider joining the Talk Watch Squad.

Make it less about luck everyday.

The founding editor of The Onion on 10 rules for writing.

Beatboxing the Phantom of the Opera.

How to email busy people.

Does having a day job mean making better art?

Maybe travel isn’t a cure for the mind.

Beautiful photos of ballet dancers in Puerto Rico five months after Hurricane Maria.

How to make cinemagraphs with your iPhone.

The key to good luck is an open mind.

What to do when your ideas get stolen.

How to think about implicit biases.

Apple logo creator Rob Janoff on making timeless work, fielding criticism, and what makes a good designer.

How to stand up for inclusion in design.

Having a hard time putting emotions into words? This illustrator will draw them for you.

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