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Fun Stuff to Click On #39

A beautiful reading of our manifesto.

The future of design in startups—a survey of over 350+ companies and insights.

How to pick a career that actually fits you.

19 truths learned from grandma on her 90th birthday.

How perfectionists can get out of their own way.

Why the best leadership act like playful puppies.

This new typeface merges braille you can touch and see.

A free course by +Acumen and IDEO on human-centered design.

The myth of learning styles.

From finance to freelance illustration, meet our illustrator for Game.

8 ways to beat burnout and reenergize.

A pristine restoration of a 9-minute silent film in NYC 1911.

Writing advice for artists and visual thinkers.

A message to portrait photographers.

Can an interaction designer survive without a smartphone?

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