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Fun Stuff to Click On #40

The difference between Social Internet and Social Media.

What’s missing from your job description are things that make you a linchpin.

Take a break from your screen and get yourself the Offscreen issue 19.

Here’s what handmade sketchbooks look like by a well-traveled artist.

Paula Scher: the greatest risk is not taking one.

42 books that will make you a better person (each described in one sentence).

How to sit: six steps to improve your seated posture.

MailChimp started a radio station based on their employee values.

How to be kind to yourself.

Co-founder and CEO of Le Macaron on how she built a patisserie empire in 50 locations.

Why happy accidents and a non-linear career path are your secret weapon.

There is now LEGO compatible furniture.

What to consider before hiring a friend.

Why is the human brain so efficient?

Photo credit: Miller Taylor.

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