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Fun Stuff to Click On #45

How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness.

A designer’s guide to emergency preparedness.

The story behind the rainbow flag.

Creating an illustration for the New Yorker (in seven days).

The ultimate guide to mastering your craft.

How to transmute anger into empathy.

A study on the financial state of visual artists today.

How leadership can align culture with values.

When does hungry become hangry?

What to do when nobody notices you: the power of the ‘300 Rule.’

The usefulness of thinking small.

Dieter Rams 10 principles of good design.

Clever illustrations visually define the same words that have different meanings.

How the Instagram algorithm works in 2018.

Photo credit: Kate Warren via CreativeMornings/DC.

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Hi Paul Jun Great article, thanks for sharing. It helped me a lot to enhance my knowledge on impact of Social Media

Andrew Fetterly • August 23, 2018