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Fun Stuff to Click On #48

10 ways to prevent admin tasks from draining your creative energy.

Get better by being wrong.

The ‘fearless entrepreneur’ is a myth.

On grief as a creative force.

When everything seems important, here's how to really prioritize your work.

25 secrets of adulthood learned the hard way.

The alternative photography degree.

How to undress your compensation.

You are fluent in this language and you don’t even know it.

How and why does dishonesty on social media effect us?

7 design lessons from Silicon Valley’s most important failure.

How to take a sabbatical (and not go insane).

People don’t trust the news—what can designers do about it?

Four ways to approach your team’s next project kickoff.

How to feel grateful for the small things.

Cool jobs to apply for:


MailChimp is hiring a Senior Product Designer and Product Designer Manager in Brooklyn.

Asana is hiring a Solutions Engineer in Sydney.

Gravillis Inc. is hiring a Design Assistant in Los Angeles.

Spredfast is hiring a Senior Social Media Strategist in London.

Vitamin T is looking for a Remote Visual Designer for their client.

Access Ventures is hiring an Operations, Principal in Louisville.

WeTransfer is hiring a Product Designer, Front End Engineer, and Data Scientist in Amsterdam.

Photo credit: CreativeMornings/MexicoCity

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