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Fun Stuff to Click On #5

72 events are happening globally today. On Friday’s like this at HQ, we’re experiencing all of the feels while searching through the #CMbeyond hashtag and watching it all unfold.

The beautiful venues, kind faces, big smiles, wholehearted hugs, and speakers in their moment—it reminds us why we do the work we do.

We hope you’re having a fantastic Friday. Here are some fun links to click on.

35 invoice templates for small businesses.

What is a seeker?

Type with pride: a project that celebrates the life of iconic artist Gilbert Baker.

This wedding season, gift cash in a simple and elegant way for friends who are saying, “I do.”

How to evaluate, accept, reject, or negotiate a job offer.

Weather for the blind is a live streaming site of musical instruments played by the weather.

These artists re-drew old work to show their progress (note: this is relevant for any skill; keep practicing).

How the ancient ‘Method of Loci’ can improve your long-term memory.

Stay ahead with Shutterstock’s 2017 Creative Trends infographic.

How to organize your book collection your way.

The unnecessary fragmentation of design jobs.

A very brief history of ballet.

Every country’s favorite book.

1691 morning people in our community are good at creative direction.

Image credit: CreativeMornings/Mexico.

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