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Fun Stuff to Click On #50

The challenge of scaling soft skills.

Creative is not a noun.

Our founder talks about building businesses and growing communities through trust.

How Blue Bottle Coffee started as a side hustle to 40 locations around the world.

On maintaining alignment while being a remote leader.

The appeal of lonely places.

What does it mean to belong to a freelance community?

Good things happen in book stores.

How to email someone you haven’t talked to in forever.

Giphy launched its first-ever film festival.

A comprehensive guide to yellow stripey things.

What to do if you feel trapped by your circumstance.

How to measure the distance to a star.

Cool jobs to apply for:

Adobe is hiring a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Creative Imaging in San Francisco.

Aquent and Vitamin T are hiring for UX/UI positions all across the US.

Seed is hiring a Social Media Manager in Los Angeles.

Herman Miller is hiring a Senior Portfolio Lead in Michigan.

Bluebeam, Inc. is hiring a Product Analyst in London.

WordPress is hiring a Customer Marketing Wrangler to work remotely.

Photo credit: Torstein Lund Eik via CreativeMornings/Trondheim

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