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Fun Stuff to Click On #51

Self-doubt is good, feel it and unravel it.

Designer Confessions: the most embarrassing moments.

“If you can’t think outside the box, make the box bigger.”

The mind is a difference-seeking machine.

How Michael Jackson made a song.

The difference between transactions and experiences.

The misleading power of internet metaphors.

This digital creative and marketing salary guide will show if you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

How to study and learn more effectively.

The difficult art of giving space in love.

Everyone has a book in them, but do you have discipline?

Cool jobs to apply for:

Justworks is hiring a Workplace Coordinator in New York.

HUMANCONTACT is hiring a Front End Developer in Toronto.

Team is hiring a Creative Producer in Brooklyn.

Adobe is hiring a Community & Social Support Strategist in San Francisco.

Aquent is looking for a Jr. SEO Content Strategist for their client in Texas.

Need a side gig? There are 227 contract-based jobs available all around the world.

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