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Fun Stuff to Click On #54

Can’t get comfortable in your chair? Here’s what you can do.

The maker of the famous marshmallow test has more advice on self-control.

Tips for Zoom or Skype.

How to lead when you don’t know what you’re doing.

On the Grid is a collection of 528 neighborhood guides lovingly curated by local creatives in 106 cities around the world.

How to write the perfect sentence.

Most car noises are fake—let’s make them more fun.

How do you know if you’re on the right financial track?

Reddit’s CEO on building community and dealing with a crisis.

Mind-blowing artwork from the classic anime Akira.

Does the perfect email template exist? MailChimp used data to find out.

How you’re being manipulated by software.

The 2018 digital creative and marketing salary guide will help you figure out your next move.

Why you need a reading plan.

Adobe MAX is the premiere creativity conference.  Use the promo code M18CRE for a $400 discount (some of us from HQ will be there).

Cool jobs to apply for:

Vitamin T is looking for a Mid-Level UX Designer to work remotely for their client.

Scatter is hiring a Product Designer in Brooklyn.

Netflix is hiring a Senior Data Analyst in Los Gatos, CA.

Herman Miller is hiring a Product Manager in Holland, MI.

Adobe is hiring a Creative Director in San Francisco.

Justworks is hiring a Software Engineer in New York. is hiring a Senior Visual Designer to work remotely.

Photo credit: Niels Franke from CreativeMornings/Basel

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