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Fun Stuff to Click On #56

Life advice: don’t find your passion.

Blocked from the ballot: stories of voting in America.

Being good at prioritization is more important than working hard.

To achieve more, focus on your principles.

A cartography of consciousness.

What might you learn from photographing great writers?

How to give feedback on work that happened while you were on vacation.

Things to do before accepting a job offer.

What we’re leaving out of the discussion around inclusive design.

IDEOU and SYPartners teach how to turn superpowers into great teams.

What do you wear to work? Does it matter?

Product managers are problem finders and solvers. What happens when they create the problems?

Cool jobs to apply for:

VSCO is hiring a Director of Design and Director of Brand Marketing in Oakland.

Shopify is hiring a Senior Product Lead in Ottawa.

ALFA is hiring a freelance Artist Representative to work remotely.

infinitee is hiring a Senior Brand Designer/Copywriter in Atlanta.

Visceral is hiring a Project Manager in San Diego.

Asana is hiring a Growth Email Marketer in San Francisco.

TeamPeople is hiring an Editor/Motion Graphics Specialist in Memphis.

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