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Fun Stuff to Click On #57

Social media is a symptom, not a tactic.

7 writers on their go-to fonts and how it makes them feel.

How to create profit by design.

Spike Jonze's Welcome Home campaign is inspiring. The BTS reflects craft and commitment.

How Instagram saved poetry.

How to move through love, loss, and grief.

Earthrise tells the story of the first image captured of the Earth from space in 1968.

What if you let your aesthetic drive your career?

Researchers attempt to capture the full richness of the awe experience.

The power of shutting up and sitting in silence.

A gorgeous three-minute film dedicated to promoting and advocating inclusivity in yoga.

Halima Aden—supermodel, refugee, Muslim, warehouse worker—on the loss of community we experience when we stop being generous.

A tale of two film companies—useful lessons on change, decision making, and seeing possibilities.

The Creative Rising: conversations on career, courage, and creative leadership.

Cool jobs to apply for: is hiring a Senior UX Designer to work remotely.

Mailchimp is hiring a Product Design Manager in Brooklyn.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is looking for a Data Science Intern in Redwood City.

Shopify is hiring a Video Editor in Toronto.

Art + Artisans Consulting is hiring a Project Manager in Austin.

Southside Creative is hiring a Digital Marketing Strategist in Chattanooga.

KREWE is hiring an Art Director and a Senior Graphic Designer in New Orleans.

Handshake is hiring a Senior Product Designer in San Francisco.

Society of Graphic Designers of Canada is hiring a Senior Communication Designer in Vancouver.

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