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Fun Stuff to Click On #58

What are we like? 10 psychological findings that reveal the worst in human nature.

An IDEO recruiter shares 5 tips for writing better cover letters.

Are you working in quality time or clock time?

Working with your hands heals you.

What do you do? A designer’s guide to talking about their profession.

Why forests give you awe.

Human terrain: visualizing the world’s population, in 3D.

Where does the illustrator end and the infographer begin? How does data visualization fit in?

A free human-centered design prototyping course from +Acumen and begins November 13.

How do you help a grieving friend?

The La Anna Guesthouse is a new creatives’ retreat and artist-in-residence program located in a historic home in the Pocono Mountains.

Le sigh (and a good laugh)This Instagram account highlights how photos all look the same.

Cool jobs to apply for:

Matchstic is hiring a Writer and an Identity Designer in Atlanta.

Justworks is hiring a Senior Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager in New York.

Adobe is looking for a Social Media Working Student intern in Munich.

Medumo is hiring a UX Product Designer and Data Analyst in Boston.

Mailchimp is hiring a Senior Manager of Content Aquisition in Atlanta.

Grammar is hiring a Strategist in Brooklyn.

Looking for contract work? We have over 560 contract-based jobs on the CreativeGuild.

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