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Fun Stuff to Click On #6

Shining a light on the positive impact immigrants have on the world.

What to do when your freelance work dries up.

Seth Godin’s new course on telling better stories.

Microsoft and Monotype launches typeface for Dubai.

5 stunning interactive mini-sites made by the BBC.

A weekly showcase of the world’s black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers.

+Acumen, the world’s school for social change, just launched a new website.

The psychological importance of wasting time.

A reparative list for your male-dominated design conference.

Download 200+ free modern art books from the Guggenheim Museum!

Instagram’s algorithms make us go 🙄 —here’s how to understand them and use it to your advantage.

Frida Kahlo’s colorful wardrobe revealed after being hidden for 50 years.

How to become insanely well-connected.

Rosanne Cash on how science saved her life.

Don’t ask.

55 morning people in our community are good at urban gardening.

Image credit: CreativeMornings/Denver

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