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Fun Stuff to Click On #61

A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion.

How to talk to people.

Applications for SVA’s Masters in Branding program are open and due January 15th.

The life-threatening impact of loneliness.

WeTransfer asked 10,000 creatives where they get good ideas.

There is no “right thing” to say when you want to be supportive. Maybe your presence is enough.

Respectful guidelines for collecting demographic data.

What is the right way to wash your hands?

Look at these breathtaking photos from Steve McCurry’s long photography career.

What is that grass in a sushi container?

You won’t win the SEO game, so play the FEO game.

Who do designers really work for?

Cool jobs to apply for:

Goldi is hiring a contract-based Designer for Wayfinding and Signage in Brisbane (or remote).

Cooper Hewitt is hiring Director of Communications & Marketing in New York.

One K Creative has a Global Design Fellowship open (remote).

Buffer is hiring a Full Stack Product Engineer and an Engineering Manager (remote).

Circa Design has two Design Fellowships in Kalamazoo and in Nashville.

Mailchimp is hiring a Director of Product Marketing in Atlanta.

Google R+D is hiring a Project Manager, Project Architect, and a Junior Designer in California.

Crush Studio is hiring a contract-based Graphic Designer/Environmental Designer in Denver.

Hiring? Looking for work? Visit the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.

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James Thomas • December 13, 2018