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Fun Stuff to Click On #64

Former host of Barcelona started this ongoing project of sculptures made of plastic trash collected at the Azores.

Freelancers: put this in your invoice.

RESET is an online course that shows you how to work in a way that’s intentional, energizing, and inspiring.

Building confidence through criticism: a lesson on self-esteem by Walt Whitman.

5 data-backed social media trends to know for 2019.

Don’t organize your to-dos by project, try organizing them by your mental state.

Everything we do (as writers and artists) is marketing.

A worksheet to help you find synchronicity between your creative work and life.

How to talk to people about things.

Artist Maira Kalman on daily things to fall in love with.

The comeback of a denim company.

The Anything is Possible List: celebrating 14 artists that are making the world a better place.

The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in startups.

Cool jobs to apply for:

Adobe is hiring a Senior Manager of Community Management in San Jose.

Justworks is looking for a freelance Brand Communications Designer in New York.

Aquent is looking for a Head of Social Media for their London-based client.

Projection Creative is looking for a contract-based Client Strategist in Louisville.

BlueBeam Inc. is hiring a Director of Operational Excellence in Pasadena. is hiring a Senior Product Designer to work remotely.

Photo credit: CreativeMornings/GuatemalaCity

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