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Fun Stuff to Click On #67

A 201 guide for taking your newsletter to the next level.

Mailchimp shares 19 tips on growing your business this year.

How to make your social feed a more educational, intersectional place.

The three pillars of brand resonance.

State of Social: How marketers across the globe think about social media, what’s working, how the industry is changing, and more.

How writers translate the political moment.

This giant codex of 200 cognitive biases rules our everyday thinking.

How to overcome creative paralysis.

33 rules for being an artist.

How to boost your creativity with combinatorial play.

Getting ahead by being inefficient.

A shift in self-talk is the first step to self-care.

Cool jobs to apply for:

Buffer is hiring a Marketing Director (remote).

Justworks is hiring a freelance Brand Communications Designer in New York.

Mailchimp is hiring a Manager of Engineering Operations in Atlanta.

Savvy Global is hiring a Design Director (Interiors/Retail) in Singapore.

Zocdoc is hiring a Principle Software Engineer, Backend, in Pune, India.

Lucid is hiring an Experienced Ruby Developer in New York (remote friendly).

Hiring? Looking for work? You’ll meet the kindest, most talented humans within the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.

Photo credit: Kim Maroon from CreativeMornings/Boston

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