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Fun Stuff to Click On #7

Happy Friyay!

In the U.S., there’s a long weekend ahead to welcome warm weather and summer vibes. Rest up, recharge your creativity, and enjoy some fun stuff to click on!

Seneca on true and false friendships.

Paula Scher’s ten life lessons from the field.

Tired of being asked to work for free? This artist drew client requests.

Essential portrait photography tips from an editorial photographer.

The color of Mister Rogers’ cardigan sweaters from 1979 to 2001 looks oddly familiar.

YouTube releases its own brand-font, YouTube Sans.

What do 50 million drawings look like?

Freelance advice from creatives who made it.

Floral designer in NYC is turning grimy garbage cans into flower vases.

At 100-years-old, this woman is keeping a Philippine tattoo tradition alive.

Walking promotes divergent thinking.

The faces of CreativeMornings.

Curiosity is better than knowledge.

What are the creative benefits of waking up super early?

Zen master, Osho, on why positive thinking is terrible advice.

287 morning people in our community are good at human-centered design.

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