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Fun Stuff to Click On #70

Creativity vs. Efficiency.

An illustrated history of the American Public Library.

Self-observation is a needed skill in the future (or now).

There are four kinds of luck.

Conditions: on what it takes to sustain a creative life financially.

An analysis of 100 million headlines and lessons learned.

An interactive map of the 2,000+ sounds humans use to communicate without words.

“I thought to myself if you can hit rock bottom doing the safe things everyone wants you to do, then you might as well hit rock bottom doing what you want to do.”

Nike’s latest campaign, Dream Crazier, will elicit goosebumps.

A simple trick to help you speak in public without showing your nerves.

It’s Nice That’s Ones to Watch shines a light on 12 emerging talents who we think will conquer the creative world in the coming year.

Reading in the age of constant distractions.

Wi-Finders work from anywhere and everywhere. And they’re transforming the world around them.

Cool jobs to apply for:

We’re hiring a Partnerships Coordinator to join the HQ team in Brooklyn.

Message Lab is hiring a Tech Editor and a Senior Strategic Account Manager in Oakland.

AngelList is hiring a Product Designer in New York and San Francisco.

HCMA Architecture + Design is looking for an Artist in Residence in Vancouver.

Mailchimp is hiring an International Growth Manager and 70+ more positions in Atlanta.

CodeNewbie is hiring a Community and Social Media Manager to work remotely.

Hiring? Looking for work? Visit the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.

Photo credit: Jon K. Roz from CreativeMornings/Curtiba

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