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Fun Stuff to Click On #71

There’s no such thing as catching up on sleep.

How do you spread the word about a Kickstarter project? Nine creators share their strategies.

A study of gender and colour over 14 years: JeongMee Yoon on The Pink and Blue Project.

Why we should understand jealousy as nothing more than a vice that ought to be replaced by the new virtue of compersion.

How to deal with life’s wicked problems.

The world’s first successful woman sculptor on what it takes to be a great artist.

How Eileen Fisher built Eileen Fisher.

When you know it's time to quit something.

The Colors of Motion: a visualization of the use of color in movies.

How to write a country music song.

Why we crave sweets when we’re stressed.

Cool jobs to apply for:

We’re hiring a Partnerships Coordinator to join the HQ team in Brooklyn.

SYPartners is hiring a Teaming Coordinator and Senior Software Engineerin New York.

Artisan Talent is hiring an Art Director in Rockford, IL.

Lime is hiring a Global Creative Director in San Francisco.

PULSE is hiring a Digital Marketing Strategist in Minneapolis.

WordPress is hiring a Creative Technologist to work remotely.

Pop-Up Magazine is hiring a Story Producer, Senior Editor, and a Motion Graphics Designer in San Francisco.

Hiring? Looking for work? You’ll meet the kindest, most talented humans within the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs

Photo credit: CreativeMornings/SaintPetersburg

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