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Fun Stuff to Click On #72

20 tools that will help you become a more effective freelancer.

How to quit your job in 837 easy steps.

The physics of surfing.

How one person cured his social media addiction by reading books.

America’s most widely misread literary work.

The art of thoughtful emails and clear communication in collaborations.

Practice prototyping with these four resources.

How resilience works.

The question to ask: who's voice is missing?

You’ve got to be kind.

The placebo effect and 10 amazing findings. Go deeper on learning about the power of placebos.

Why we struggle to make time for solitude.

Join the Talk Watch Squad—a group of online learners and curators that help us unearth gems in our archives.

Cool jobs to apply for:

We’re hiring a Partnerships Coordinator to join the HQ team in Brooklyn (deadline this Friday).

KreativElement is hiring a Social Media and Design Specialist in Omaha.

Mailchimp is hiring an iOS Engineer, a Manager in Marketing Analytics, and many more positions in Atlanta.

Place. Staffing is hiring a Visual Designer in Austin.

Looking for some contract work? We have over 580 contract-based opportunities in countries around the world.

7 Communications is hiring an Event Manager and also a Community Manager in Oakville.

CodeNewbie is hiring a Community and Social Media Manager to work remotely.

Hiring? Looking for work? You’ll meet the kindest, most talented humans within the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.

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