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Fun Stuff to Click On #8

It’s June. Let that sink in for a second.

And then sink into a glass of wine (or a beer, perhaps, wait, a whiskey?) and enjoy some fun things to click on. You deserve it.

Do you know how each person on your team likes to work?

What skills will set you up for success in the future?

The five types of rest for creatives.

Illuminating the everyday lives of creatives—the extraordinary, habitual, and imperfect.

Your summer 2017 reading list, curated by Bill Gates.

Do we have a choice?

A gorgeous visual essay on pop lyrics getting more repetitive.

Boom: “I am not a female architect. I am an architect.”

Why you should seek out disconfirming evidence.

Lessons learned from inclusive hiring.

CreativeMornings/NewYork speaker, Christoph Neimann, and his latest enchanted forest.

This judgemental cat knows all the feels when working with non-designers.

Why do we care about our hair so much?

Find the right tones for your project with Shutterstock’s new search feature.

Watch the movements of every refugee on earth from the last 17 years.

301 morning people in our community are good at do-gooding.

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