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Fun Stuff to Click On #9

Happy Friyay!

Enjoy some fun and inspiring links to click on.

This artist is putting googly eyes on broken objects in Bulgaria.

This contract is perfefe.

You just had a difficult conversation. Breathe. Here’s what to do next.

A guide to developing the self-discipline habit.

How do you count without numbers?

Tricks that athletes use to make sleep a priority.

Good presentations don’t have bullet points.

How to start your passion project one day at a time.

What happens to your brain when you work on vacation?

36 books for the young and wildly ambitious.

How might we improve education outcomes for children and youth?

One-on-one lessons in all things creative.

This couple ignored stereotypes and started a violin business in their home.

The creative benefits of embracing spontaneity and disorder.

35 talks are up from last month’s theme, Serendipity.

234 morning people in our community are good at ordering pizza.

Image by: Lukáš Bíba, CreativeMornings/Prague.

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