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New Organizers in Copenhagen, Charleston & Rio

During the month of April, we sent out an open call for Organizers in Copenhagen, Charleston and Rio de Janeiro with a little help from one of our official partners, Squarespace. Please meet the approved applicants!


Meet Mikkel Noe Westh, Copenhagen, Denmark

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? I would really like to visit Charleston, as they are also starting up right now. Sophie Treppendahl, who is the organizer there, visited Copenhagen this summer and it would be super fun to see how they set about the task of creating a new chapter in their city.

What excites you? I love to travel and I love to break out of the usual. I love everything new, different and innovative. People who are passionate and enthusiastic about an idea or a cause particularly fascinate me. For me, passion is contagious, and I believe that if we get better at understanding and viewing other people’s passion and vision, regardless of their subject areas, we also become better at what we do independently. Design is a good example of how different areas has the potential to interact. Digital design, which I am professionally closest to, being greatly influenced by and benefits from trends in film, art and fashion.

What have you failed at? I have failed countless times and know that there are plenty of new failures of projects waiting. The most important thing is that you dare to fail and you dare to be open about your weaknesses. This is one reason to get together with others - to strengthen the sides that you are weak at. I see myself as a positive person (perhaps a little naive) but I’m not afraid to throw myself into new projects without having mastered all the details. As long as there are passion and energy behind, the result probably bear fruit even if you fail some of the way.

Denmark is repeatedly singled out as the happiest country in the world, but at the same time we also have a tendency to outburst of spending too much time on other people’s failures or accidents. I see Creative Mornings as a fantastic opportunity to hear and meet some interesting people who dare to fail, dare to take risks. I would much rather talk to someone who failed or had some failed projects behind them than a person who claims to have lived without fault.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? I’m a big fan of the Coen brothers who both write and direct their films. They create enormous visually powerful universes and I would love to get an insight into their curly and quirky creativity.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Even though my current job is as head of digital communication, I originally trained Natural geographer and had early in my career more exploratory trip to Greenland, where I participated in various expeditions. It was not only academically interesting but also personally challenging to be far from civilization and subject to the vagaries of nature.

Of more recent achievement, I participated in TEDx Copenhagen last year, which is also one of the things I think of as a hugely rewarding and fun experience.

Lastly, and although it’s a little corny, my children are my greatest achievement. There are nothing like children who can put everything else in the perspective. I love my work and I love to throw myself into new projects, but being able to retire and travel with my family is what really gives me the best and most valuable memories and moments.

What’s your vision for CreativeMornings/Copenhagen? My vision for Creative Mornings in Copenhagen is to show that we are more than furniture and Dogma films. Wherever you go in Copenhagen you will meet creative people and the outcome of their ideas. We are a city where most people get around by bike all year round. We create amazing spaces where there is room for people. We have a wealth of creative companies from small startups to large international successes.

I want to show that creativity can be interpreted in other ways than the traditional understanding of “creative”, such as designers and artists for example all these people have the opportunity to meet over breakfast one Friday a month, I am sure that there will be some exciting results out of it.

If you want to hear more, help out, have ideas for speakers or venues please reach out to me ;-)


Meet Sophie Treppendahl, Charleston, USA

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? I would love to find out what is going on in Detroit. It is a city with such a fascinating history and tragic story that has so many creative people loving and rebuilding it. I know amazing things are happening there.

What excites you? People Excite me. Their weirdness, their differences, their likenesses, their quirks.

What have you failed at? I have failed many a green plant and turned it brown.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? Bill Murray.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Having good people love me. And successfully keeping a cactus alive.

What’s your vision for CreativeMornings/Charleston? My vision for Creative Mornings Charleston is sincerity and innovation. I want CMCHS to be a sounding board for things happening in our city, a place for people to connect, and a breath of fresh morning inspiration for the creatives and the aspiring. I see it as a place for everyone from chefs to painters to designers to welders to writer, to realize our common threads and our different colors. I.CAN’T.WAIT.


Meet Leandro Damasceno, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? I would really love to visit all of them if I could. I realized how many interesting people there are out there and there is so much I can learn from other experiences. If I had to pick only one, I would say New York, just for getting the atmosphere where it all started. But I am also very curious about other Brazilian cities, like São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. I intend to visit both in the near future.

What excites you? People. What they do, what they don’t. Their hopes, dreams, achievements and failures. I love human imperfection. It´s just perfect.

What have you failed at? At being funny.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? God! His presentation would affect many faiths and certainties, for sure.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Well, I guess that is finally finishing my kitchen. It was driving me nuts having to reform it during a World Cup in Brazil. Being sane after all that is definitely a great achievement. (Still failing at being funny)

What’s your vision for CreativeMornings/Rio de Janeiro? It must be inspiring and accessible. Rio is a very unequal city. Although it is a beautiful city, I have always felt that the true city is hidden from the eyes of the world and even from its citizens who live in best part of town – those neighborhoods that are so famous that the whole world knows, like Copacabana and Ipanema, they are mostly located in the South Zone, which represents roughly 1/5 of the area of the city and 1/3 of its population. I want to make CM happen here in a very accessible way for all parts of town and in the future, try to explore different venues all over the city.

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