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New Organizers in Hong Kong, Québec & Indianapolis

Photos provided by Shutterstock.

This July, we celebrated the theme of Heritage around the world by partnering with MailChimp to bring CreativeMornings to three new cities. We asked chapter applicants to share the meaning of heritage in the context of their own cities—offering a $1,000 USD starter sponsorship from MailChimp to help kick off their first events.

After a month long search and a deluge of amazing applications, we are excited to announce the winners: Hong Kong, Québec and Indianapolis. Yay, welcome aboard!


Meet Juliet O'Halloran, Hong Kong, China

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? I have been fortunate to visit the Singapore Chapter twice (amazing btw), but my next priority would have to be New York given it is my home town and where CreativeMornings began.

What excites you? Spontaneity and exceeding expectations.

What have you failed at? Making everyone happy. They always say it is impossible to do, but I continue to try and fail!

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? I’m a big fan of the Coen brothers who both write and direct their films. They create enormous visually powerful universes and I would love to get an insight into their curly and quirky creativity.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Being a mother to my now two-year old daughter Sienna. She amazes me.

What’s your vision for CreativeMornings/Hong Kong? My vision for our chapter is to see our events generate infectious excitement within the Creative community and prove that Hong Kong is a Creative powerhouse, well on its way of achieving its goal of becoming Asia’s Creative Capital. This city has a strong focus on the financial industry, so I hope to inspire and invigorate the creative side of all walks of life here, regardless of their background. Ultimately, I want hear from our attendees that they had an experience that fostered passion, hope, opportunities, relationships and the unexpected.


Meet Jacques Blanchet, Québec, Canada

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? All of them hopefully, but I would like to begin by Atlanta, since my colleague Francis from Montréal blog about it and seems quite impressed at the CMsummit.

What excites you? The look on people faces when they make a link between a presentation and their lives. When the synapses connect! The spark and then the excitement. I love that.

What have you failed at? Being a building owner with renters. I was waaaayyyy to much comprehensive and empathic about the monthly payment. Not profitable at all. I sold everything.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? I like to be surprise, so apart from the obvious Richard Branson or famous designers, artists and others of the same [ilk], I’m sure that my ultimate speaker will be someone unknown who genuinely surprise me. I don’t know that speaker yet but this day will come.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? It’s a work in progress: still being passionate in discovering new peoples, subjects and knowledges. I’m thriving at challenge so there is always one ahead to achieve!

What’s your vision for CreativeMornings/Québec? Having speakers giving heart to heart presentations that change life and bring meanings to the participants.


Meet Rita Troyer, Indianapolis, Indiana

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? I’d like to go on a tour of the South Pacific chapters. Here’s looking at you Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. The creative work coming out of that region of the world really inspires me, the hosts in these cities are super friendly and who doesn’t want to go down under?

What excites you? Big ideas, travel, nature, art and people. I get my energy from a combination of solitude (time outdoors, hiking, reading, writing, exploring solo) and through connecting with and being around inspiring people and places. I love to feed my curiosity by surrounding myself with people and things that push me to think outside the day to day.

What have you failed at? Delegating. Still working on this.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? Elle Luna. I’ve been following her work as an artist, designer and writer for about a year now and find her to be one of the most inspiring people I’ve come across.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Finding balance in my daily life, taking care of my mental health and well being, and learning that life is a practice.

What’s your vision for CreativeMornings/Indianapolis? My vision for CreativeMornings Indy is to lay the foundation for a space that nurtures and yields a thriving local creative community. It is of utmost importance to me to foster an inclusive community that includes a variety of people and disciplines. Just as we hope to be well-rounded people, I am interested in helping to make Indianapolis a more well-rounded city by better connecting and highlighting the diverse group of creatives who live and work here.

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