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How do you collaborate? Here are some of our favorite tools.

Throughout the month, we’ve been celebrating how we collaborate in the global creative community. Collaborating with others is crucial to fostering our individual creativity, and thanks to the internet, there are some pretty fantastic tools to make that happen. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites that we use here at HQ below:

Dropmark: for inspiration and reminders

As visual thinkers, we can’t live without Dropmark. Built by “designers who think in code” (they also built our site!), it’s like they took everything bouncing around in our brains and put it into beautiful, visual collections. Grab anything from links to images to notes to music and save them into digital filing cabinets that make sense when you refer back to them. You can keep a collection private or invite team-members to join, like our team does when sharing inspiration for special projects at CreativeMornings HQ.


Slack: for (online) team communication

Email got you down? Slack takes all team communication and puts it in one place, with the ability to ping a co-worker and organize conversations into channels. Fewer emails, better meetings, more to-dos crossed off. Plus, it lets you embed a gif, making it a definite must for the team.


Dropbox: for never losing a file

How many times do we add suffixes to file names like _Final or _FinallyFinal or _IReallyMeanThisIsTheFinal.v2? No one likes that. But we do like Dropbox for making sharing and editing files across teams incredibly easy.

IdeaPaint: for (offline) team brainstorming

Sometimes, no matter how great the tool, good old-fashioned brainstorming is the name of the game. IdeaPaint let’s you turn any surface into a reusable canvas, letting you draw and mind-map your way through a project. They’ve just introduced Bounce, an app that lets you take offline ideas and collaborate in the cloud. One entire wall of our workplace is painted floor to ceiling with this stuff.


Basecamp: for community-centered communication

It’s no secret that the small team here at HQ isn’t the team that really powers CreativeMornings. It’s our amazing chapter hosts and organizers in 120 cities. Basecamp helps us communicate with the hosts around the world. Whether it’s asking questions or sharing exciting news, it’s a place for everyone to contribute and stay informed. Tack on some of their project management tools, and you’ll really be on your way.


Evernote: for organizing thoughts

For teams and projects that rely more on words than visuals, Evernote is one of our favorites. No matter how many words you need to organize — a quick scribble or an entire blogpost (like this one!) — Evernote makes it easy to take, organize, and archive notes. You can invite team-members to contribute to your notebook, making sharing notes as easy as giving a high five.

Tell us, which tools do you use to collaborate with others? We’d love to hear!

And pssst! Our global partnersMailChimp, Shutterstock, Squarespace and FreshBooks — have some pretty sweet tools for creatives, too!


I wish I had dropbox 8 years ago when I lost virtually everything. But Thank God for Backup!

Fidel Tshivhasa • August 28, 2015
Cm avatar 1

Hi, I'm french so please excuse me if I do language mistakes, anyway, thanks for all the tips and advices, it'll be really helpful for what I want to do !

Thierry Jalond • September 27, 2015
Cm avatar 1

I love Dropbox! We use it all the time. So helpful, we no longer have to send oversized e-mails!

Alexander Scarborough • April 12, 2016
Cm avatar 2

Hi Katie! I miss one more: Sketchdrive, visual conversation for designers. No more images turning into filenames and disappearing in folders in inboxes and dropboxes. Sketchdrive takes your (team)work out of the box!

marten de jong • April 15, 2016