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Rabble-Rousing Talks

Tying up February’s theme month on Rebel, we wanted to pull together some of our favorite rebellious CreativeMornings talks that will leave you feeling like a creative revolutionary in your own practice.

One of the talks already posted from this month, at CreativeMornings/Vancouver, Carson Ting shares his journey of becoming an unintentional rebel through bucking all expectations to find success, and happiness, as an art director and illustrator.

You can’t get more rebellious than the internationally renowned design, brand, and film agency, Snask. The Stockholm-based team shares their insights into their unconventional rules for success, including ‘peeing on yourself’ and ‘make enemies.’

Dave Arnold is anything but conventional. From surviving off of hot dogs to painting storefront Santas, Dave tells how he was able to channel his irreverent perspective and unique pop-art aesthetic into a career.

“You should start projects because you feel like you are going to either explode, or vomit, or both. You’ve gotta have that kind of burning desire in your stomach to do it.“ It doesn’t get more rebellious than that, Kate Bingaman-Burt.

It wouldn’t be a list of rebels without including the one and only Seth Godin, who speaks at our New York chapter on a few things we have backwards when it comes to getting the work we want and positioning ourselves where we want to be.

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