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What's Your Hidden Talent? Introducing CreativeMornings SKILLS!

We know you’ve got skills! Hidden talents, creative hacks, professional expertise, self-mastered methods and crafts — the list goes on.

There is no shortage of talent in the CreativeMornings community and we want to learn from you. So, we’re inviting you, in video form, to answer the question: what will you teach the world in two minutes or less?

We’re hoping this project inspires our community to showcase their skills and empower each other to celebrate our unique, quirky, fun, informative, creative talents.

Let’s do this!

Anyone can watch videos, but you must login to your CreativeMornings profile to upload your video. Don’t have an account? Create one!

CreativeMornings Skills is made possible by MailChimp

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That's heaps creative! I am loving this. A must try!

Bill Sims • April 5, 2016