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Make Your Business Better, Not Bigger

To me, this feels like how business is supposed to work. You start listening to a group of people, see where you can help, then start helping them.

Own Your Content is an ongoing series that encourages creatives to own their platform and the future of their work. We’re back with Season Two! Our first interview features Paul Jarvis sharing his generous wisdom on building a thriving creative career and making your business better, not bigger.

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Monkey Monkey Shake Shake talks with our Brisbane community on the theme of Craft. More maple syrup?

Grace Bonney shares with our New York community about the past 15 years of Design*Sponge and what truly matters even in this digital age.


How to spring clean all areas of your life.

Celebrating strong women through illustration with Louisa Cannell.

Pass the salt: an intricate food-themed Rube Goldberg machine.

People wear their inner thoughts on their skin for mental health awareness.

This is how to lead a conversation between people who disagree.

Books that spark joy: the beautiful shelves of famous bibliophiles.

Photographs of Harlem’s black women in the 1950s.

A zine on how to find your voice as an artist.

Five psychological strategies to ease the stress of perfectionism.

Why you should stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up.

Deep listening can help you be more creative.

Why reskilling and upskilling is the new hiring.

The secret pigeon service: only one species has adapted to live in cities.


Studio Chris Fox is an artist who combines architecture and installations in Sydney, Australia.

Greenhouse brings organic cold-pressed juices. Based in Toronto. They’re currently hiring a Designer and Summer Intern!



Netflix is hiring a a Campaign Operations Manager in Alphaville.

Artisan Talent is looking for a Digital Art Director in Downers Grove.

Aquent is looking for a Web Designer in Hakata-ku (Japan).

Simply Framed is hiring a Customer Success Manager in Denver.

Week of the Website is hiring a freelance Squarespace Designer to work remotely.

Vitamin T is looking for a contract-based Business Analyst in London.

Visceral is hiring a Web Developer Intern in San Diego.

Center for Biological Diversity is hiring a Latino Engagement Intern in Tucson.

SYPartners is hiring Summer Design & Production Interns in New York City.

Herman Miller is hiring a Focused Market Sales Intern in Holland, Michigan.

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