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How to Make a Proper Introduction for a Collaboration

Nowadays, a thoughtful email is an art. When done well, it is a delight to read and creates an impression about the sender. People have become accustomed to emails that lack warmth, personality, or clarity. How do we change this?

This week’s Own Your Content Toolkit shares relevant wisdom, actionable steps, and resources to help you make your email introductions even better.

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Leah Rosenberg talks cake, color and community – and how to create work with the intention of generosity.

Komal Minhas talks about building strong pillars of wellness, community, and purpose to hold onto through our own chaos.


The power of intuition as a practical tool to boost creativity.

A tech-savvy art historian created a digital scan of the Notre Dame.

Why writing an intimidation list will help you be more self-aware.

Here are 59 ways to cook your eggs.

On figuring out your next step when you feel stuck.

The odd history of productivity music.

How algorithms know what you’ll type next.

A food journal that explores life through the lens of breakfast.

What it’s like to cook for researchers in Antartica.

How being less busy can dramatically improve your life.

Embarrassing questions you’ve always wanted to ask a therapist.

Make money by focusing on who you serve.

Letters of Note gathers fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, and more.


MonkeyTag believes in embracing unconventional thinking to achieve out-of-this world creative. We love their latest work on tacos and tortas!
Jenny Bird creates modern, design-led jewelry that inspires more than just your style. See how they made their love collection.


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Place. Staffing is looking for a Production Artist in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Onyx & Rose is hiring an Influencer Marketing Manager in Louisville.

Help Scout is hiring a Product Designer to work remotely.

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There are 800+ contract and freelance positions on our job board.

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